If your project is LEED rated, green point rated, falls under regulatory green requirements, or you simply want to create an effective waste recovery plan, Green Halo is the tool for you.

Creating a waste management plan is easy with Green Halo. Enter your project information, identify materials, select recycling facilities and click Start Project. It’s that easy. Green Halo creates a detailed waste management plan that you can share with your project managers, sub-contractors, and clients with just one click, making sure everyone on your project has a clear outline of your recovery goals.

Comply with local regulations and get your money back at project final
Be confident knowing that your project has met all recovery requirements so you can get your bond money back. Green Halo keeps all your recycling data in sync so you can easily provide building inspectors with recycling data you need quickly. Make your Project Final hassle-free.
Spend less time on your waste management and more time on your business.
Green Halo streamlines and automates time consuming recycling tasks like creating waste management plans, organizing recycling receipts, tracking down subs for tickets, wondering if your project complies with recovery requirements, reports, documents and more – so you can focus on your green business.
Know your project’s recycling status today – and where it’s going.
Get in-depth tools for analyzing your recycling information. Understand your project’s waste flow, view waste trends, and more, so you can move your green business forward.
Manage all your recycling from one place.
Organize your recycling with Green Halo and get the information you need fast. Check your recovery rates, recycling statistics, and company statistics in an instant.
Export Your Recycling Data to Excel.
All data and reports can be exported into Microsoft Excel with just one click. Export data from Green Halo and import it into other programs with ease.
Company Snapshot.
With Green Halo’s comprehensive recycling overview, and easy-to-understand charts, graphs, and summaries, you can view your company and project recycling data in real time – all on one screen.
Multiple User Access.
Collaborate with co-workers and other important users. With Green Halo, you can give access to as many users as you like, set user access restrictions, and more - so people only see what you allow them to see.
Multiple Location Collaboration.
Connect with colleagues across multiple office locations. Share your Green Halo data in real time with your co-workers or corporate office – even if you’re in different countries.
Create, Print, or Share.
Convert your recycling document into .pdf, print your document, or use Green Halo’s Share Document function to email a link to as many people as you want. Your clients and co-workers can click on the link and automatically see the entire recycling report in detail without having to print the document – saving paper and totally green.
No installations, No downloads.
Whether you’re on a Mac, PC or mobile device using Green Halo is as easy as visiting a web site. Since it’s completely web based, you never have to install or download traditional software, or worry about operating system compatibility – you just launch your browser and go.
Automatic Backups and Upgrades.
With Green Halo, you don’t need to back up your data or upgrade your software. Green Halo backs up your data every day, so even if your computer crashes, your data is safe.
Getting Started Guide.
Our simple Getting Started Guide walks you through exactly what you need to do to get your project set up on Green Halo. You can get started in minutes – even if you don’t have any waste recycling experience.

What our Members are saying:

"Awesome system!"
Turner Construction

"Super easy to use, customer service is excellent"
Lennar Homes

"we love the stats... keep up the good work"

"we had a vague idea of what our waste streams looked like, but after using Green Halo it's now crystal clear, brilliant system, impeccable service"

"great reporting system, we love it"
HP, Denver

"makes LEED reporting easy"

"makes my life easier"
Reconstruction Services

"Customer service was great over the phone!"
Branagh Inc.

"it's just another component of the entire permit process..."
NOVO Construction

"A pretty cool system, once I got past the slight learning curve, everything was smooth"
Contra Costa Roofworks, Inc.

"very easy to use and kept us on track with the Jurisdiction's recovery requirements"
Oakland Raiders - Renovations Services

"if Green Halo could keep track of my money as well as it keeps track of my recycling I would be a richer man"

"Our clients love the recycling reports, and it helps us get more jobs"

"Very straight forward and easy to use"
Klaus Kubler Construction

"ticket upload is easy and customer service has been really good"
Kaiser Permenente CPFC

"I love the Green Halo system! Everything runs more efficient, and it makes my job easier. I don't have to run to the Jurisdiction as many times anymore. Before I would go 3 times a week."
Dynasty Roofing

"no problems at all everything is very good...the service has been great with you guys...a lot of attention from us...everything appears really good for the future...something that more cities should do"
Sykes Contractors

"we don't pay our subs until they upload their recycling tickets to Green Halo"
Skyline Construction

"You guys do a phenomenal job for us!"
SouthBay Construction

"great system, I check it out on my iPad every day, to make sure my projects are in compliance.... you guys are great and always very helpful"

"i love it -- its so easy to use, uploading tags is easy"
THD At Home Services

"it's fast, easy, & convenient"
State Roofing Systems

"online access is fast, saves time"
1540 Broadway LLC.

"easy to use, customer service is great"

"we are doing really well with it"
First Choice Construction

"convenient; it's there when we need it."
Blueline Associates

"I love the statistics, makes my job easier, customer service is phenomenal"
Rossmoor Retirement Community