About Us

Created and developed through a collaboration of innovative waste management and technology leaders, Green Halo Systems is the first fully integrated web based waste management software solution of its kind to be introduced to the market. Green Halo eliminates the need for paper-based systems.

Green Halo allows contractors, recyclers, and other entities to comply with local, state and federal recycling guidelines with incredible accuracy and efficiency. Green Halo also enables contractors, recyclers, cities and county authorities to interact and communicate seamlessly throughout the progression of a construction project. User-friendly and intuitive, the system provides valuable tools for maintaining a sustainable construction waste management plan while yielding real time, and historical data, charts, graphs and reports. These features are continually monitored, updated and enhanced to ensure our members are fully aware of the latest in waste diversion reporting.

While we developed our product with a specific purpose in mind, we understand and accept the significant role our product will have in the overall Green Movement and the reduction of carbon footprint.

We invite you to join the Green Halo movement and experience firsthand the advantage our software provides in allowing you to track, report, and follow projects with precision and insight.