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Green Halo Launch - Palo Alto, CA

GreenHalo News

Green Halo Launch - Palo Alto, CA

Mon. Oct 7th, 2013 at 10:44am

Peter Pirnejad, Development Service Director

City of Palo Alto

Palo Alto, CA – Two City departments have recently piloted an online software system that has significantly improved the construction and demolition process. Both the Development Services and the Planning and Community Environment departments have deployed Green Halo Systems, an online software program that has helped contractors to recycle thousands of tons of construction debris. The new software has also helped contractors stay in compliance with the City's construction demolition debris diversion ordinance. The ecofriendly ordinance requires contractors with projects in the City to recycle 75 percent of their debris for most construction and demolition projects.

"This technology is an innovative way of introducing efficiency and automation into our permitting process", said Development Services Director Peter Pirnejad. “Our initial feedback from customers has been positive during our pilot program and we feel confident that everyone should be made aware of this service”.

The City has made the Green Halo system available to contractors for free to simplify the way they track waste and recycling from demolition and construction projects. It also helps ensure recycling requirements are met. Green Halo’s cloud based system allows for anywhere, anytime access. This program is CalGreen compliant and users can track recycling and diversion. Other features allow users to view and analyze trends and reports.

"Prior to Green Halo, collecting dispirit recycle tags from various landfills, subcontractors, and truck drivers reminded me of the song ’blowing in the wind,” said long time Palo Alto contractor James Witt. When asked how easy the new system was to use, Witt responded by saying, "Let's just say even my assistant loved it. Not only were we the first to get a final approval (my 58th new home in Palo Alto) using the almost automated system, it was the easiest final I have received since the beginning of the Green Halo Program. This program is an example of the fruits of our three year effort to streamline and simplify the development center processes. Together we have managed to redirect the culture of the Development Center toward one of shared goal accomplishments and this Green Halo Program is a reflection of that."

With Green Halo, users can easily implement and manage construction recycling policies, customize recycling programs for project or building types, and generate comprehensive recycling reports and statistics. Inspectors can access project recycling data in the field or in the office, and work directly with clients to make sure they meet their recycling requirements.

“The city’s latest advance in automating yet another function of the development review process is in keeping with the City’s overall goals of being a leading digital city and streamlining the development review process”, said City Manager James Keene.

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